Opinions of Eminent Doctors about our publications :

Dr. D. N. Chatterjee, M.D.,C.H.
Principal, D. N. De. Homoeopathic Medical College &
Hospital, Calcutta.
Editor, The Homoeopathic Bulletin, Calcutta.
Dr. Sarma is doing a great service to Homoeopathy by translating all the Great works in Telugu. It is only through one’s own language that Homoeopathy lives and spreads.

D.N. Chatterjee.

Dr. N. M. Jaisoorya, M.D. (Berlin).
Hyderabad. A.P.
President, All India Homoeopathic Medical Association.
We need all good foreign Homoeopathic literature to be made available to our people in their own languages. Till recently Homoeopathic literature in Telugu was very poor. Dr. Sarma has filled up that void by his courageous labours and we should be greatful to him for this service.

N.M. Jaisoorya,

Dr. R. N. Mishra, M.D.
President, All India Homoeopathic Medical
Association, (Delhi), Muzaffarpur.
Almost all the important books on Homoeopathy have been translated by Dr. Sarma in Telugu language, to the immence service rendered for the cause and propagation of Homoeopathic system of treatment in Andhra Pradesh. The translation of Nash’s Leaders, Kent’s Materia Medica, Dewy’s Therapeutics, etc., Anatomy and Physiology has been done most literally. Besides he has written many books on Homoeopathic treatment on the basis of his own grand study and elaborate experience as a Homoeopath. Further he has not stopped his further translation of other remaining books of reputed Homoeopaths of Germany and America. His aim and object are to translate all the English Books of Homoeopathy and thus he has served Andhra Pradesh and Telugu language to his immence credit and honour.

The future generations of Andhra Homoeopathic World would be reading and studying his books and would be remembering him till the end of the world. I wish him every success in life.

R.N. Mishra.

Dr. J. N. Kanjilal, M.D., D.M.S.,
Editor, The Hahnemannian Gleanings, Calcutta.
I am much impressed by the immence and highly indispensable service rendered to Homoeopathy by Dr. V. V. R. Sarma by writting about fifty books on Homoeopathy in Telugu language, most of which are translations of the classical books on Homoeopathy, If Homoeopathy is to thrive, the basic principles must reach the people in their own language.

J.N. Kanjilal,

Dr. Jugal Kishore, B.sc. D.M.S., M.D. (Hom).
Hony. Homoeo physician to The President of India,
Hony. Advisor to the Govt. of India,
86, Golf Links, NEW DELHI -3.
I am very happy to find that you have done tremendous work on the literaure of Homoeopathy in Telugu. The translation of so many books in Telugu is a tremendous feat and I am glad to find that you are still continuing your activity.

Jugal Kishore,
30th Oct. 1976.

The gigantic online union catalog of libraries, WorldCat http://www.worldcat.org/, searched under Vemavarapu, shows a number of works by your grandfather and yourself, but those by your grandfather are bare records from the South Asia Union Catalog project, presumably copied from some bibliography, and do not show that any library actually owns them. Therefore we would be particularly honored to have them.



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