''This small brochure is devoted to Typhoid fever, its complications and sequelae and treatment by Homoeopathic drugs in different stages and different complications. The author has given a true picture of typhoid fever in 1week, 2ndweek, 3rdweek, and possible and probable complications during those periods. He has given in detail what drugs to be used for certain symptoms and what drugs should not be used. He lays full stress on the hygiene of the room, food and vessels used by the sick persons. He has compared the action of several drugs for similar symptoms, how to differentiate which drug to be used for which symptoms. Through concisely written he has stressed all the important points and precautions to be observed to successfully treat the disease. The book deserves to be read by one and all as typhoid is a common seasonal disease. He has spared no pains in placing all the details in a concise and clear manner so that maximum benefit can be achieved by following the advice given in the book. The author is not very erudite but also has got power of felicity of expression so that the book can be understood by the lay reader.''

-THE HINDU, SUNDAY, APRIL 23, 1950. ''This is a Homoeopathic treatise on typhoid fever by Mr. Sarma who had already published somebooks on other diseases. It deals with details regarding the duration and treatment of the disease in lucid Telugu and will prove of great use to medical men and others, a glossary of the symptoms of the disease and the medicines recommended is added for easy reference. Telugu books on medicine are not many and the author deserves all encouragement from the public for his handy and informative treatises''.

SUNDAY, MAY 14, 1950.

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